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  • Karma Blazer Allweather

    The Blazer is a compact indoor/outdoor powerchair which can be adjusted to suit the user’s needs. The 60cm overall width and 100cm length makes the Blazer an ideal option for confined spaces. It is also is also great for outdoor use with large front castors and rear wheel suspension. There are two speed options 4mph or 6mph with the option of larger batteries for increased range.

    *Narrow base 60cm (23 1/2″)
    *Crash Tested
    *Height adjustable armrests
    *Rear wheel suspension
    *Backrest recline
    *Seat depth adjustment
    *Footrest position adjustment

    Price available on request - Please call us on the above number

  • Karma Morgan

    The Morgan powerchair is a high performance wheelchair that is adaptable whilst maintaining power. The mid wheel drive and all round suspension allows the user to have great control and manoeuvrability.
    It is compact enough for small spaces indoors but built well enough to manage rough outside terrain so the user gets the best of both worlds. It can also come in a choice of different colours so style is always an option with the Morgan. Additional options include elevating leg rests, stump supports and LED lighting system.

    *All round suspension
    *Narrow just 60cm (23 1/2″) wide
    *65cm turning circle

    Price available on request - Please call us on the above number

  • Karma Ergo Traveller

    The Karma Ergo Traveller is a fantastic mobility product designed and built with the user in mind; lightweight, compact and easy to use. The chair combines comfort, power & manoeuvrability which means it is great for both indoors and outdoors. As the Ergo Traveller breaks down into three pieces it is easy to transport and store when necessary. Features of this chair include quick release seat and batteries, durable aluminium frame and depth adjustable footrest hangers.

    *Quick release seat and batteries for storage/transportation
    *Aluminium frame
    *Heaviest part weighs 24kg (53lbs)
    *Depth adjustable footrest hangers
    *18Ah batteries (with an option to upgrade to 22Ah batteries)

    Price available on request - Please call us on the above number

  • Karma Falcon

    The Karma Falcon is a lightweight powerchair and can be easily broken down for transportation and storage. This powerchair is crash tested and its modern look makes it a great choice for anyone searching a strong, good looking chair. It comes with a choice of three seat width (16", 18", 20") and its maximum user weight is 18 stone. The chair weight starts from 68kg with the heaviest part weighing 32kg.

    *Aluminium alloy folding frame
    *Quick release batteries
    *Kerb climber
    *45 Ah batteries for increased range

    Price available on request - Please call us on the above number

  • Karma Leon

    The Leon power chair from Karma Mobility is the ideal wheelchair for outdoor and indoor use. With the outdoors in mind, the company designed and built the Leon for speed & comfort without compromising stability or control.
    Rear wheel drive means allows the user to be stable and secure, no matter how hard they push it, with a narrow wheelbase and full suspension making manoeuvring indoors even easier. This power chair is for users that like to keep active and feel the need for speed, and also comes in a range of different colour options so it can suit any style.

    *Full suspension
    *Maximum 8mph speed
    *450W 4 pole motors
    *Just 62cm (25 1/2″) wide
    *Up to 70Ah batteries

    Price available on request - Please call us on the above number

  • Karma Atigra

    The Atigra is a highly adjustable power chair.The T2 seating system has been designed to provide optimal seating for the users. Adjustable elements include: back angle, seat angle, back height, armrest position and seat depth. A prescription form detailing all of the different options is available from Karma Mobility. Seat sizes are available in 16”,17”,18”,19” and 20”. The seat depth of each of these is adjustable from 16” to 20”. Once the user is sitting properly in the power chair the patented ATR suspension keeps them in the correct seating position, even when travelling over rough ground. The combination of soft front and hard rear suspension give great driving comfort. The Atigra has been successfully crash tested and is suitable for use as a seat in a motor vehicle.

    *Adjustable backrest position
    *Highly adjustable footplates
    *Highly ajustable armrest position
    *ATR suspension

    Price available on request - Please call us on the above number

  • Karma Ergo Stand

    The Ergo Stand power chair that’s easy to manage, reliable for everyday use, and comes with the fantastic S-Ergo seating system which allows comfort and stability for the user. This chair is ideal for indoor use because it can negotiate tight spaces and it can help lift the user from a sitting position to standing.

    Additional features include an adjustable backrest for added security and the chair’s speed can be reduced when in the standing position. Other features include flip back armrests and large flip up foot plates.

    *Flip back arms (height adjustable)
    *Large flip up footplates
    *Power backrest recline

    Price available on request - Please call us on the above number

  • Roma Sirocco

    The Roma Sirocco is a popular choice amongst powerchair users. The high strength folding frame offers sturdiness and also an option to easy storage. The powerchairs maximum speed is up to 4mhp and it can do up to 25 miles.
    Other specifications include:

    *Rear spring shock system
    *Swing in and out detachable footrest
    *Fold down back adjustable in height
    *8" front castor with puncture proof tyres and suspension
    *12" heavy duty alloy rear wheels with puncture proof tyres
    *Joy stick control
    *Crash tested

    Price available on request - Please call us on the above number

  • Shoprider Reno II

    The Reno II is a UK designed powerchair with a new 2x22ah battery pack. The chair is compact and lightweight, with an option to dismantle it for storage and transportation. Its maximum speed is 4mhp and the maximum range is up to 12.5 miles. The padded chair, puncture proof tyres and easy manoeuvrability ensures a comfortable ride. The chair also comes with a large storage basket behind the legrest, and it has been crash tested to prove its safety and sturdiness.

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