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Scooter Does The Rounds

Disabled Blackpool nurse continues essential work thanks to TGA mobility scooter from MobilitySure

Despite having severe difficulties walking, Janet Bellis, 57 from Blackpool, has been able to continue working as a Senior Diabetes Nurse thanks to an indispensible TGA mobility scooter from local specialist MobilitySure.

Janet has worked for the NHS for over 30 years in a variety of nursing roles including Ward Sister and in her current role helping patients with diabetes. She is a highly respected member of staff at the Blackpool Victoria hospital operated by the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and is extremely passionate about her work. However over the last 18 months her Psoriatic Arthritis has become increasingly worse leading to difficulties moving around the hospital. As her day-to-day role involves visiting wards and clinics regularly that are a considerable distance from her diabetes unit, Janet has had to look at a mobility solution to continue her career. Her chosen mobility scooter, a compact and manoeuvrable TGA Eclipse from us here at  MobilitySure, has resolved all of her mobility problems at the hospital and on a social level.

Janet explains: “I love my role as a Diabetes Nurse as it is so varied. I am responsible for helping lots of people who live with diabetes, from advising on insulin injections through to monitoring blood sugar levels. I offer counselling to people recently diagnosed, training to doctors and support to families. When my role changed from assisting people visiting our diabetes unit to going out to see them in wards and clinics, my mobility problems held me back. I spoke to my Matron, Human Resources and my Union Representative to see if there was anyway I could use a mobility scooter in the hospital to continue my work. Without this, redeployment was looking a distinct possibility, which I really didn’t want. Following a comprehensive review of safety and my scooter insurance, the go-ahead was given and I now have the freedom to access the whole hospital thanks to my TGA Eclipse.”

Janet continues: “As my 4mph Eclipse is compact and easy-to-drive, I can move around the hospital corridors and in and out of lifts safely and without hassle. What a difference it has made and I am so happy Blackpool Victoria Hospital management has supported me on this. Guy and Anita from MobilitySure have also been so helpful ever since I visited their showroom with my friend who also has a disability. I explained the kind of scooter I needed and they advised an Eclipse would be ideal. I even have a clever car boot hoist from Autochair to lift my scooter in and out of the car.¬† I’d seen the TGA Eclipse in lots of ads before and really liked the look of it, plus my one has more powerful batteries for extra range around the hospital. Without it I’d be lost, especially when tackling the large car park and visiting some of the wards and clinics that can be some considerable distance away. My TGA Eclipse and MobilitySure have ensured I can carry on with my beloved job thank goodness.”

¬†Since establishing our new mobility business in 2013, we have been able to provide independence to large numbers of locals, such as Janet, living with restricted mobility. It fills us with great pride to see how one of our TGA Eclipse’s has changed Janet’s lifestyle and career. We only supply proven, reliable products and the TGA Eclipse mobility scooter is no exception with its high quality finish and excellent, comfortable ride. For Janet to be able to continue as a nurse was absolutely essential to her and through this TGA scooter, she can carry on improving the lives of so many locals living with diabetes.



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