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“Putting The Spring Back In Your Step!”

When using a walking stick, not everybody realises the importance of the ferrules they are using. Not only that the wrong ferrules can wear out very quickly but they can also cause back aches.

We think we might have the perfect solution for customers who are looking for  improved, good quality, flexible ferrules.

Flexyfoot  was invented by product designer David Goodwin, who’s inspiration came from very personal experiences with rubber feet that wore down too easily and were very difficult to change. Realising there was a need for walking aids of all types to be sporty and smart, David developed a flexible, safe and comfortable alternative to the humble walking stick ferrule.


While standard ferrules don’t bend and can’t grip, Flexyfoot bends in order to grip the surface offering a little bit more stability. The two separate parts include a collar and a pleated bellows. These combined together give you several benefits a standard ferrule couldn’t offer, like absorbing the shock of impact from constantly placing the stick into contact with the ground (thereby reducing stress on your wrists and arms), offering superior grip on slippery surfaces and increasing your range of movement. The flexible bellows absorb shock each time the stick touches the ground so the users step is completely cushioned and reduces the jarring pain in the arms, shoulders, wrists, elbows, back and neck.

When worn or damaged the ‘foot’ section is easily replaced without changing the whole Flexyfoot.

Even though we only recently started stocking this brilliant product, our customers are already taken by them and they think it’s the best thing that ever happened to their walking sticks!  We can also show you crutches and walking sticks from this same company, all equipped with Flexyfoot ferrules.

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